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Inspire Yourself
with Numerology!

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How Numerology Helps

Numerology offers a precise way to understand yourself based on your birth date and the name you were given at the time of your birth. The letters are changed to numbers and the many numbers are reduced to one single number. From this your inner being is shown.

Why It Works?

Because  it's Precise

The precise nature of numbers has been validated by thousands of years of use with an equal number of people who have agreed to its importance in understanding their life.

Your Secret Code

To enhance your Life

Your secret code is the combination of your birth date and your name at birth. Once you have this information you are better able to enjoy your life experiences with new found clarity and awareness 

​Discover More Of  Yourself

​​​​Unlock your awareness

When you have the skills that are part of your nature you are able to move with more confidence in your reality knowing that you have the talents and ability to go in your direction..

     Numerology Works!  

At first I wondered if there was any merit to discovering my numbers and what they meant. And then after my reading I realized the parts of my life I was aware of  were right on the mark so the unknown must be as well. After many months I realized what was mentioned actually came true. I have studied my reading and now am happy I did it.


Francine Pike Livermore, California

About John Keenan


John Keenan - Mt. Shasta Numerologist

                 CURRENT UPDATE 

  • Mt. Shasta has long been recognized as the basic energy vortex along with seven other areas on the planet. For 29 years I have lived here and am an active Minister in the UCM church, a spiritualist church where readings are performed and accepted.  For me numerology is the most valid because it is based on numbers and the unique combination each and every person contains that are the same as many other people, yet dramatically different. It is this difference that makes it so personal and at the same time insightful for those who have been on the spiritual path for years and years. With this understanding I am rewarded time and again when clients tell me how their life has improved after a reading. Giving them a new sense of understanding and comfort
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  • FOR A FREE COPY of my report leave your email address and or phone number and one will be sent to you. For the month of April ONLY I am offering 3 FREE READINGS for anyone who feels they need insight into what they are confronted by at this time..  READING
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    Reading with phone follow up is valued at $150. All I ask is you write a blog on your site telling what you discovered about yourself  AND SEND ME A COPY
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    . This can be by skype or over the phone. Call or email me now at Mt shastazen@gmail.com or in Mt Shasta at 530-926-6646. Thank you, and many blessings in your life today.  .
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​​​​Where I am

As a long time numerologist I have studied the works of  Cherio ,Dr. Juno Jordan and. Lynn Buess  in both the traditions of Chaldean and Pythagoran numerology. I use the vortex energy of the mountain to add clarity to my meditations when doing this work for the benefit of my clients

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